Extend Functionality and Boost Profitability with Tablet POS

A powerful extension to the traditional Focus POS system, Tablet POS offers the versatility you need to grow your business. Building upon the robust features and functionalities that drive efficiency and productivity, our tablet solution is a proven revenue boosting tool for your restaurant. Your tablet can function as a stationary point of sale (POS) or be utilized to process tableside orders, pay-at-the-table, line-busting applications, and more.

Empower your wait staff with features that streamline workflows and deliver on customer expectations. A customizable menu layout and packaged commands allow your team to service customers quickly and accurately while providing an enhanced customer experience. Additionally, pop-up notifications encourage the upselling of menu items—like appetizers and desserts—that have the highest profit margin potential.

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Minimal Training, Maximum Productivity

Time is of the essence in the restaurant industry. The last thing your business needs is costly training expenses prior to implementation of a solution. With our Tablet POS from you won’t lose time or money due to staff training since the software uses the same interface as the traditional Focus POS system. Increase productivity by streamlining the ordering process and getting tickets to the kitchen more quickly. In addition, our Tablet POS helps your wait staff improve order accuracy, suggest add-on menu items, and boost customer satisfaction.

Software Screenshots

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Focus Tablet POS Features

  • Seamless integration with Focus POS system
  • Minimal employee training
  • Customize your menu layout for optimal efficiency
  • Service customers quickly with packaged command entry
  • Prompts to remind your staff to suggest add-on menu items
  • High-speed credit card processing
  • Inventory and sales reports
  • Efficient employee time-tracking and reusable schedules
  • Email and text message alerts for better business visibility