How to Be Everywhere at Once

When you manage multiple restaurant locations, you need the right tools to have insight into individual locations as well as your business as a whole. myFocus Central, part of the myFocus Cloud Solutions, is a cloud-based reporting platform that consolidates data from multiple locations that you can access from one, convenient dashboard. With myFocus Central, you can evaluate individual store performance, make comparisons between locations, or examine business performance overall.

myFocus Central enables you to access store-level reports, monitor trends, create graphs, and even build a custom dashboard for a unique view of critical data. myFocus Central also integrates with Focus Enterprise to allow for easy menu updates at store level.

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The Easy Way to Manage Stores Remotely

Access myFocus Central through an internet browser to manage your enterprise or single location.

Enterprise Dashboard

  • Region filters
  • Date range spans
  • Store averages
  • Graphical analysis
  • Store alerts
  • System status

Single Store Dashboard

  • Drill-down details
  • Graphical data
  • Store alerts
  • Last batch information
  • Employees on the clock
  • Tracking items

Software Screenshots

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myFocus Central Features

  • Access through a web browser
  • Consolidated data from multiple locations
  • Enterprise reports
    • Advertising and royalty
    • Corporate item and labor
  • Store reports
    • Labor
    • Menu items
  • Accounting interface
  • Store level menu updates