myFocus Cloud Solutions: Cloud-Based Restaurant POS Management

Extend your restaurant management capabilities with cloud-based restaurant POS solutions included in the myFocus Cloud Solutions. These solutions provide you with more effective customer engagement tools and the ability to manage and access reports remotely.

Mobile Management

The Focus Mobile Alerts app gives you the data you need to manage your restaurant from your smartphone or mobile device while working at a different location or when traveling. Keep information at your fingertips such as net sales, labor costs, check averages and more.

Central Cloud-Based Reporting

myFocus Central is a cloud-based reporting platform that consolidates data from multiple locations into one, convenient dashboard. Central enables access to store-level reports, trends, and graphs, and even integrates with Focus Enterprise to allow for easy menu updates at store level.

Customer Loyalty

myFocus Loyalty is a comprehensive solution including all the tools you need to engage customers and help grow loyalty. myFocus Loyalty includes unlimited plans, cloud storage, multistore processing, surveys, marketing lists, email blasts and text-based marketing.

Gift Card Program

myFocus Gift enables your customers to easily use gift cards at any of your locations, access their gift card balance and loyalty rewards points from one card, and conveniently check their gift card balances online. Gift cards are processed in real time and can double as loyalty cards.

Cloud-Based Point of Sale

Stability, intuitive user experience, quality, and reliability of Focus POS wrapped in a cloud-based point of sale software solution. myFocus Office cloud-based point of sale solution doesn’t depend on an always-on internet connection, eliminating downtime and lost dollars.